Los Angeles Part II

Los Angeles Part II

( Top: Unif , Bottoms: StyleNanda, Slipper: Puma Fenty Slides )



( Top: StyleNanda , Bottoms: Shein , Shoes: StyleNanda , Belt: Off-White , Sunglasses: Mirina Collections )



( Top: Zara , Bottoms: Topshop )


( Lip: Moonshot , Color: Rose On Lip S115 )

This has been long overdue, but, I finally had time to sort out my Summer pictures from our L.A. trips. After my road trip with my friends, I went back about a month later with my family for a short vacation. The main thing we aimed to do was go to Universal Studios. The last time I remember visiting Universal was as a child way before my brother was even born. I have a vivid memory of crying because I thought a shark was going to eat me… So much has changed from the last time I visited. Everything is a lot more high tech, and many new rides were added to the park as well. 

The L.A. heat was brutal, it was especially hot when we waited in line for rides. I was mostly excited to ride the Harry Potter rides and try the Butter Beer (definitely lived up to my expectations). I’m not going to lie but, I was really tempted to buy a bunch things I didn’t need in the Harry Potter Gift Shop. 

The rest of our trip consisted of strolling around the night market, Chinatown, Japantown, Koreatown, and finding photo ops. Of course, ice cream was included. One cannot forget ice cream, especially in Los Angeles. I have to give my brother props for dealing with me and my endless photo requests. I also vlogged my time in L.A. that I will link below of you want to see more of what I did! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this extremely late post~

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