Winter To Do List

Winter To Do List

I’m so excited!! It’s going to officially be Winter in a few days, I’m back home, no more finals, and I’m looking forward to the holidays of course! I told myself I was going to be prepared this Winter, whether it’s buying gifts on time, or staying on track with my tasks. Seeing as how I love making my lists, I thought I would make my Winter to do list, so here goes!



-Find all my beanies

-Finish decorating my little Christmas corner

-Wrap up all the presents

-Write and send Christmas cards

-Go on a mini road trip with the family

-Drink some orange hot chocolate

-Try some new Christmas drinks

-Go ice skating

-Take a bunch of pictures for my blog

-Plan out some blog posts

-Make some New Year Resolutions

-Watch my favorite Christmas films

-Go to Christmas in the Park

-Spend time with some old friends


Yes, I realize I may be a bit Christmas obsessed, but how can you not love Christmas?! Let me know if you have a Winter or Christmas to do list!



Snoopy Tee: Uniqlo

High Neck Long Sleeve- Mixxmix

Trousers- StyleNanda

Sneakers- Reebok Princess


x Anna

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