2017 has definitely been a crazy year. Where do I even begin? I’ve finally managed to let go of my blonde hair and tried different colors. I’ve tried out peach hair and eventually decided to go back to dark hair. Although, this year has been rough for me if I’m being honest. I felt like I wasn’t at my best and it was difficult for me to wake up some mornings. I tried my best to push away negative thoughts and focused on what I wanted for the future.

This year, I was able to go on a lot of road trips or mini adventures. I made my first road trip with a couple friends down to Los Angeles for a few days. The traffic was crazy going from one place to another. We had KBBQ and an unhealthy amount of desserts, but the thing that definitely blew my mind was the kimchi fried rice volcano at Magal BBQ in Koreatown. Not to mention the amount of Insta worthy photos that everyone captured. L.A. is such a busy place with so many things to do and places to go, I never get bored.

In May, my housemates who I adore, left for home in Taiwan. We’ve lived together for a year while their time studying abroad in California. They were a huge part of my year because they were so kind to me. If i found myself struggling, they were the people who cheered me up and made me laugh. Before the semester ended, we all made a trip down to San Francisco for a day. Our original intention was to see and take pictures at the Cherry Blossom Festival. We were a bit disappointed to find out there were no cherry blossoms once we got there, so we ended up going around San Francisco for pictures and movies instead.

After I got back from my first Los Angeles trip, about a month after, I went back with my family. We went to Universal Studios, Chinatown, Japantown, and Koreatown. Since we all have only visited Universal Studios once when I was a child, we thought we would finally go back this Summer along with my brother. We even tricked our parents into getting on the Harry Potter rides!

Over Thanksgiving, I was reunited with my three closest cousins. We dressed up and all went to dinner before attempting to shop in our heels. It was a night full of laughs and expensive food. We also celebrated Cindy’s birthday and I finally had my first taste of alcohol.

2017 consisted of a lot of luck at many concerts for me as well. In many cases, I would buy the cheapest tickets and get upgraded randomly by the staff there to floor or platinum seats for free! Big Bang has always been my first and favorite KPOP group, so having both G-Dragon and Taeyang coming to San Jose in the same year was amazing. I was definitely not going to miss the chance to see them live before their enlistment. Towards the end of the year, I had the opportunity to go see a K-hiphop concert in San Francisco. Illionaire Ambition doesn’t disappoint. I found myself holding my breath every time Dok2 started his verse.

December marks a whole year since I’ve joined PRSSA! This organization has helped me on so many levels on the road to my future career. I’ve been taught many skills, met with PR professionals, and have made connections with people who are completely taking the social media world by storm. It was sad to see many of our seniors leave at the Winter Gala, but I know they will all be successful in whatever they choose to do. I’m looking forward to what PRSSA has in store for me next year!

Last event of year, was a road trip to Reno two days before Christmas. On the way, my family and I stopped by Boreal Mountain to take pictures in the snow. We didn’t have time to stay very long, so we made it a mission to take as many family photos as possible. I also got to sneak in a few outfit photos for my blog. On Christmas morning, we left to head on over to a family friend on the way back home. We ended up staying the night, talking, watching cheesy Christmas movies, and playing games until 2am. I also met the cutest dog in the entire world, but then again, every dog is cute to me~

If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back because this has probably been the longest post I’ve ever written. This year has been extremely eventful for me, and I’m looking forward to make the most out of 2018!

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