February Goals

February Goals

 I didn’t really have a great start to the new year, and it didn’t help that I was sick for the first two weeks. January was quite stressful for me, I was overthinking, frustrated, and I didn’t want to leave my room most days. Although, I had some good moments, in the end, I just didn’t have enough energy to do everything I wanted to. I thought I would quickly jot down some of my goals for the month to motivate myself to do more.

  1. Plan out at least two style posts for my blog. I haven’t been very active on my blog over the last month, and I’m definitely falling behind on style posts. I think it’s a bit difficult for me to find a nice location to take pictures or even find the time to dress up. I enjoy being outside, so maybe by setting these goals, I could just have fun for a few minutes. I just love the feeling of dressing up, it makes me feel more confident and puts a smile on my face.
  2. Save money! I was planning on studying abroad in Fall 2018, so I need to be saving as much as I can. I’ve been telling myself that I wouldn’t buy anything aside from food starting from January, up until I make my way over to South Korea in August. I think I’ve been doing good so far, but there are concerts I don’t want to miss out on and educational trips that are a bit costly. So, I’m trying really hard to stay focused and not lose track of my goal. Something I’ve been doing is transferring money to my savings account every month, so that should help a bit as well. (Also, following my fellow blogger’s tips on saving for trips. You can find Stephanie here!)
  3. Get back into yoga. I used to love doing yoga after I woke up in the morning, but now I struggle to get out of bed. I’m going to challenge myself in trying to do yoga at least once a week every week. Perhaps it would make me feel a bit more refreshed and energized before starting my day.
  4. Come up with more content for my Youtube channel. When I started my channel, I had only planned to upload when I vlogged an eventful trip. Nowadays, I’m thinking that I should come up with more ideas like an Outfits of the Week video.
  5. Be more consistent on social media. One of the many tips I’ve gotten from fellow bloggers and professionals was to stay consistent in posting in order to increase traffic on your platforms. For awhile, I was consistent in posting on Instagram every other day, but I fell off track. I want to start compiling and sorting out all my content to post regularly again. I’m also making it a goal to be more interactive on all of my other social media sites.

These are my goals for the rest of the month! Let me know if you have any goals you wish to accomplish by the end of February.

Knit Cardigan: H&M, Skirt: StyleNanda (Sold Out),

Shoes: Reebok, Bag: Forever 21  (Sold Out)


  1. Jaymeeeee
    February 2, 2018 / 1:46 am

    I think those are all realistic and productive goals. I hope your next month is better. Remember not to judge yourself so hard!

    I hadn’t really thought about my own goals for the month until I read this. So thanks for that haha

    I would like to have one new experience this month. That’s my goal. I also want to write at least two letters per week to my loved ones.

    Thanks for posting!

    • annanguyen617
      February 2, 2018 / 2:30 am

      Thank you! Yea, I just find it helpful to set goals. I’m rooting for you, you can definitely do it!

  2. February 2, 2018 / 8:30 am

    I love reading about your goals!! I’m so glad you found my travel saving tips helpful 🙂 – good luck on saving for your study abroad! I’m also trying to get into yoga since I want to find an active hobby that I enjoy 🙂 Best of luck accomplishing your goals. I hope February treats you well! xo


    • annanguyen617
      February 2, 2018 / 10:45 pm

      Thank you! I hope yoga works out for you☺️and same to you. I actually subscribed to your blog👍🏻

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