25 Facts About Me

25 Facts About Me


  1. I’m addicted to all things Matcha
  2. I think anything over 60 degrees is too hot
  3. I am a really fussy eater and stick to what I love
  4. I come off pretty shy and cold, but once I’m comfortable around you, you will most likely think I’m a weirdo
  5. I really like milk ice cream
  6. Apparently I bruise really easily. One day a bruise would randomly show up. I don’t know why or how, they just do.
  7. I’ve dyed my hair way too many times, I honestly lost track
  8. I wake up too late for breakfastIMG_1719
  9. When I’m hot, I get really grumpy
  10. I’ve never seen snow fall
  11. I live in oversized T-shirts, but sometimes I dress like a girl
  12. I’ve slept at a train station for 14  hours waiting to go home
  13. I’m really interested in makeup, but I’m not really good at it
  14. One of my nicknames amongst my friends is “Tofu”
  15. When I was younger, I cried when I had to wear shorts or dresses
  16. My closet is 90% men’s clothing
  17. I once had a very long debate with a friend about Adidas vs NikeIMG_1717
  18. I would love to visit Thailand, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea one day
  19. Jean shopping frustrates me
  20. I used to put on dance shows with my cousins to perform for the family
  21. I’ve placed top 50 in an online dance competition with 5,000 in my category
  22. I can never give up chicken
  23. I’ve auditioned for entertainment companies
  24. Favorite colors are black, red, and white
  25. I really like Korean food

Hope you all enjoyed my very first blog post, this one was a bit more personal. But, I would love to know 25 facts about you all as well! See you soon~


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    July 11, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    Hi, I’m a huge fan! Much love! 😍

  2. ItsJay.duh
    July 12, 2017 / 12:11 am

    You’re definitely going to see snow fall this year. 😱 I will kidnap you for a roadtrip.
    So excited for your blog! Can’t wait for more 😆
    Also, men’s shirts are the freaking best..

  3. July 12, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    Wow love! Korean food is so yummy! Your blog so far is so cute, I can’t way to see more.

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