Woodsy Adventure

Woodsy Adventure

For our last Summer get-together I wanted to do something athletic, away from the city and all the technology. I had suggested hiking since we haven’t done so in a few years. Together we decided to complete a quite challenging hike up Big Basin to see the waterfalls. The hike itself up to the waterfall felt extremely long and we took a couple of breaks to rest our legs. Once we got to our first waterfall, I was a bit overly excited (because we finally made it). We almost died a few times trying to get pictures on fallen trees and tripping on branches. But, it was absolutely worth it as we were able to capture   some memorable moments. Our trip back was undeniably much more strenuous. My legs felt like they were going to give out and some tears were shed that day. The trip was truly refreshing for me and a really emotional 11.5 mile journey.



( Pants: Nun Bangkok )



( Shoes: Nike )



( Hoodie: RtA Brand )

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